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DTC in 2020: 3 Ways to Thrive in a Changing Landscape

The disruption in retail and eCommerce brought on by COVID-19 have been causing even giant Amazon to face challenges to its Prime promise to customers, especially long-delayed orders. This presents an ongoing opportunity for smaller DTC brands to take advantage of their value chain and forge tighter relationships with their customers. But how can they capitalize on this?  

Learn about the rapid growth of DTC selling, and how increasing shipping and logistics demands are compelling brands to go direct. 


About key trends in DTC and how they're shaping up

About the current climate and its challenge/opportunity scenarios 



About growth strategies and approaches for capturing more market share


How DTC brands can provide a more personalized post-purchase experience than retail giants

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Our Experts:


Laura Behrens Wu

Co-founder & CEO


Helena Price Hambrech

Co-founder & Co-CEO


Leslie Voorhees Means

Co-founder & Co-CEO


Leslie Voorhees Means

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